Cultural Institutes

"Stefan Kirov" Drama theathre

It’s the leading theatre institute in the region as well as in the country. It was established in 1918 as part of "Zora" national community centre. It has its own modern building since 1987 on "Hadji Dimitar" square with 1400 sq. m area, two spectator’s halls - a big one (500 seats) and a chamber one (80 seats). They give opportunities for various activities - conferences, concerts, festivals, meetings, etc.

Address: 4 "Hadji Dimitar" square

Phone: 044/623 008; 044/624 181



State puppet theathre

In 1960 it was established as part of "Zora" national community centre amateur cast. In the beginning of 1971 it acquires a professional theatre institute statute. It’s had a contemporary building since 1989. It has a hall with 200 seats. The theatre organizes performances in the open, at kindergartens, at regional settlements, etc.

Address: 24 "Tsar Osvoboditel" boulevard

Phone: 044/622 718; 044/625 186

"Sava Dobroplodni" Regional library

It was established in 1955. It is subscribed to school, informative and children literature. By a Ministry Council decree 153/28.07.2000 the library acquires a regional statute and becomes the main cultural and informative centre, carrying out its public activities on the territory of Sliven and Yambol. The library keeps more than 265 000 paper written materials from various spheres of life and science. The old - printed book fund, published in 1806 - 1878 is highly esteemed. The library is the local presses register as well as the centre of the reference - library and information activities, regional bibliography, regional library service centre and also a methodic and coordinative centre of all the libraries on the territory of the two municipalities. A centre, helping English learning process was opened in 1995 with the financial help of the British council. An electronic reading - room with Internet access has been opened for users since 1999. By the free Internet access and the new information technologies, the library is a free - dialogue place and has become part of the no limited information society. Since 1999 the library has been the sole organizer and initiator of the unique Bulgarian Children’s Book Festival. The library has been awarded lots of prestigious national and international prizes for its contribution and popularization of the Bulgarian Book. The library keeps in touch with lots of libraries and cultural institutions in Europe, The USA and Canada and cooperates with embassies, culture - informative centres and lots of donor organizations from different countries.

Address: 1 "Nikola Karev" street

Phone: 044/622 441; 044/622 452



Regional historical musem

Today’s museum was established with a museum collection of "Zora" national community centre in 1913. It’s become an independent institute since 1946. Over 8000 museum exhibits (archeology, pre - history, medieval ethnography, Renaissance, new and modern history) are preserved in its funds. Besides the exposition at the main building, people pay attention to Sliven 19th century museum - house, "Dobri Chintulov" museum - house, "Hadji Dimitar" museum - house, the relics of the late ancient or medieval stronghold "Tuida" at "Hisarlaka" countryside near Sliven.

Address: 18 "Tsar Osvoboditel" boulevard

Phone: 044/622 495; 044/622 494



Sliven 19th century museum-house

It was built in 1813. It’s situated in one of the oldest Sliven’s neighborhoods. It is one of the most valuable cultural monuments in the town. It was announced a national cultural monument. It’s decorated with wood - carving on verandas, roofs and cupboards.

Address: 5 "Simeon Tabakov" street

Phone: 044/663 149

"Hadji Dimitar" museum-house

It’s a cultural monument of national importance. It was built in the end of 18th or at the beginning of 19th century. It’s the native home of the legendary voivoda Hadji Dimitar of Sliven.

Address: 2 "Asenovska" street

Phone: 044/622 496

"Dobri Chintulov" museum-house

Address: 5 "Vazrojdenska" street

Phone: 044/625 198

National textile industry museum

It’s a branch of the national polytechnic museum - Sofia. It’s the first specialized industrial museum in Bulgaria. It was established in 1984. Since 1988 it’s become part of the European textile network with headquarters in Hanover, Germany. It has its own building with 550 sq. m exposition area and three basic sections - hand production, textile crafts and factory - machine production. There are 18 dynamic levels for demonstrations. All exhibits at the museum are functional.

Address: 3 "Stiol voivode" square

Phone: 044/626 759

"Dimitar Dobrovich" Art gallery

"Dimitar Dobrovich" art gallery was built out of the art collection donations for "Zora" national community centre (1905). It’s been an independent cultural institute since 1965. It has one of the richest collections that consist of over 6000 masterpieces - paintings, engravings, sculptures, applied art, icons, prints, church plate from 17 - 20 century. There are three sections in the gallery - "Christian art - 17-19 century", "Contemporary Bulgarian art - 19-21 century" and "Foreign art".
"Dimitar Dobrovich" art gallery has three representative places with constant expositions.

Address: 13 "Tsar Osvoboditel" boulevard

Phones: 044/622 083; 044/625 342



"Mirkovich" house

The Old Sliven constant exposition

Address: 10 "Mirkovich" street

Phone: 044/622 796

"Foreign art" constant exposition

The "West-European graphics 19-20 century" exposition - a donation made by Professor Bogomil Raynov and the "Japanese prints - 18-19 century" are shown there.

Address: 13 "Tsar Osvoboditel" boulevard

Phone: 044/622 083

"Sirak Skitnik" Exposition hall

"Contemporary Bulgarian art" exposition

Address: 2 "Tsar Simeon" boulevard

Phone: 044/621 342

Besides constant expositions, the gallery arranges retrospective, collective and author’s expositions at 350 sq. m exposition area.

Symphony orchestra - Sliven

It was established in 1933 as part of "Zora" national community centre. The orchestra has become absolutely professional since 1969. Despite the eternal symbols of music pre - classics and classics, in its repertoire the orchestra has also all style and epoch compositions as well as contemporary Bulgarian and foreign authors’ compositions. The orchestra’s visits to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Spain and Greece have great success. Since 2000 the orchestra has accomplished a programme for educational concerts, according to the music education taught at schools.

Address: 6 "Hadji Dimitar" boulevard

Phone: 044/663 228


Folk song and dance troupe - Sliven

It was established in 1960 as an amateur dance - music group and has been a professional institute for exploration, processing and spreading the song and dance folklore heritage of Sliven region and of the Bulgarian folk art. The ensemble has 30 dance performances, over 50 songs and 20 orchestra and soloist suites in its repertoire from different folklore regions in Bulgaria. It’s paid successful visits to Germany, Russia, former Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Spain, Turkey, Jordan, etc.

Address: 19 "George Ikonomov" street

Phone: 044/622 674

Fax: 044/623 127

"Dimitar Dobrovich" Secondary art school

It’s one of the six national art schools in Bulgaria. It prepares students in three basic courses of study - advertisement graphics, textile art and icon - painting. Every year the students organize extremely successful exhibitions in the country - Sofia, Plovdiv, Dobrich, Varna and abroad - Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Japan, Germany, etc.

Address: 12a "Panayot Hitov" boulevard

Phone: 044/667 349

Fax: 044/667 465

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