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A large economic forum discussed business cooperation between Sliven, Bydgoszcz and Nis

A large economic forum discussed business cooperation between Sliven, Bydgoszcz and Nis

The municipality of Sliven brought together representatives of various institutions extremely important for the economic development of Sliven, Bydgoszcz (Poland) and Nis (Serbia). The Economic Forum was held today at the National Palace Hotel: "The future of Europe - employment, growth and investment - together we can do more". The forum aims to present investment opportunities in Sliven and the region, in partner cities, to encourage direct contacts between representatives of Bulgarian, Polish and Serbian businesses, to create conditions for the exchange of good practices and the establishment of business partnerships.

In his welcoming speech to the participants, Mayor Stefan Radev said that the motto of the "Together we can more" meeting is fully valid for the economic development of all regions.

"Our aim is not only to show the hospitality of Sliven, but also to permanently reestablish links with Bydgoszcz. Poland is one of the fastest developing countries of the Eastern bloc after the great wave of accession to the European Union. I am convinced that we can draw on many good practices from what they have achieved so far. I also hope to create lasting contacts with Nis - one of the fastest growing cities in Serbia, from which we can also draw on the experience of attracting large companies, "said Mayor Stefan Radev.

"Thank you very much for organizing this meeting. Through it, we accelerate our international cooperation. It will promote the activities of people and businesses. If the mayors of the three cities did not understand the importance of the event, there was no way to grow the business. We see that the mayor of Sliven understands all this. We see that the city is moving forward. Thanks for the hospitality. We feel great here, ”said Joanna Zatai-Ross, Plenipotentiary of Bydgoszcz Mayor Rafal Bruschi for international cooperation.

"It's inspiring to be here today. I was in Sliven 7 years ago. I see that the city is developing positively. I can see that there is a bigger industry, the buildings look better, the sites are nicer and cleaner than the last time I was here. I also congratulate Bydgoszcz. Poland is one example of how it is developing and how European values ​​are respected. Bulgaria and Serbia are small countries. Together we can build a good economy and make the Balkans a better place to live, "said Alexander Milevich, director of the Regional Chamber of Commerce-Nis.

"I remember a few years ago we started our relations with Bulgaria, when some tens of thousands of euros were turnover. It is now about 2 billion. Thanks to meetings like this, because you are looking for common areas of interest, this will work to your advantage. I know people from Sliven we work with. This partnership will continue to be improved and deepened. Apart from sports, I think we will also show success in economic development, "said Marcin Pavlak, Vice President of Employers Republic of Poland, which is the largest and oldest employer organization in Poland.

"I am from Sliven. I am proud of that. In my accounts and calculations - Sliven has a bright future. Today you can find the right partners here - both in the face of the Municipality of Sliven and in the face of the local business. All the prerequisites are available here for attracting and retaining both small and large investments in the region, "said Vladimir Rusev - Chairman of the Polish-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.

The event is part of an international twinning meeting with the cities of Bydgoszcz (Poland) and Nis (Serbia), organized by the Sliven Municipality in partnership with the two cities under the "United Europe - Security, Solidarity and Stability for All" project under the Europe for Europe Program citizens ”.



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