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Deputy mayor of Sliven Municipality – Pepa Chilikova

Date of birth

December 8, 1974

Place of birth


Education and work experience

Secondary education - School of Natural Sciences "Dobri Chintulov" Sliven. In 1995 she graduated from Medical College "Dr. Petar Beron" – Sliven with “Nursing degree”. For 18 years she worked as a nurse at the Hospital "Dr. Ivan Seliminski” in Sliven. In the period 1995 - 2000 she graduated from Sofia University "Sveti Kliment Ohridski ”- Sofia with a Master's degree in “Social Pedagogy” and “Management of Social Activities and Systems”. In 2014 she acquired a Master's degree in “Health Care Management” from the Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov ”- Varna. From March 2013 to November 12, 2015 she was Deputy Director of Sliven Branch of Medical University - Varna. Since 2014 she works as an assistant in the specialty "Nursing" in the Department of Health Care in Sliven Branch of Medical University - Varna.

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