Welcome to Sliven

Welcome to the town where in 1834 Dobri Jelyaskov established the first Bulgarian factory and thus started the industrial development in Bulgaria.

You have the chance to get acquainted with one of the biggest industrial centres in Bulgaria which played a very important role in the Bulgarian Renaissance, a town with long-lived traditions in the textile industry, the machine-building, the glass-making, the electro technical and the food industry. The town's region has been called "The valley of the peaches". Sliven will give you the chance to feel the spirit of history, traditions, and along with that the pulse of contemporary dynamics and diversity.

One of the most significant cultural centres in Bulgaria in the Renaissance, Sliven has preserved and enriched the cultural heritage and today offers to its residents and visitors a lot of opportunities for cultural life. A birth place of many prominent Bulgarian enlighteners, who contributed to the enlightenment, Sliven is also a birth place of many Bulgarian authors, scientists, intellectuals and deals with a lot of respect and care with the education, its schools, teachers and children.

The contemporary sanitation and social care in Sliven are inheritors of tradition and responsibility, which have passed through the years. Despite the difficulties of the transition the care for the health of the people has never stopped being a priority of the Municipality. High-quality health care and social services are offered in our town.

The generosity of nature toward Sliven is unquestionable. The unique (rocky massif) “Sinite Kamani”, the fresh air and the mineral springs offer diverse opportunities for leisure and tourism.

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